Who We Are

Transforming Lives Through Opportunity

Reimagine iT empowers diverse communities in American cities by bridging economic gaps and the digital divide.  Through mentorship and programs like the Incubation Program, we help turn ideas into successful ventures, fostering equal access to opportunities.

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Where Hope Meets Opportunity

Discover how our programs provide the tools, mentorship, and resources to turn entrepreneurial dreams into tangible success stories.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

"Reimagine iT changed my life! Their mentorship program gave me the confidence and resources to start my own business. I'm now a proud entrepreneur, thanks to their support."

Lorraine Franklin

"As an at-risk youth, I never thought I could become a business owner. Reimagine iT believed in me and provided the guidance and training I needed to succeed. I'm forever grateful."

Brett Lewis

"Reimagine iT's commitment to economic empowerment is truly inspiring. Their programs not only provide valuable skills but also instill hope and opportunity in communities that need it most."

Dianna Young

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