Our Causes

Incubator Program

Incubation Program offers seed capital, mentoring, expert advice, networking for quick venture success.

$12,283 of $90,000 raised

Mentorship Services

Free, confidential mentoring offers guidance, support, and informed decision-making for entrepreneurs in-person or remotely.

$7,345 of $75,000 raised

Job Training & Creation

Job training equips individuals with technical skills for diverse industries, stimulating economic growth and community employment.

$6,015 of $65,000 raised

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Technical Skills & Computer Training

Excel in the digital age with our diverse range of courses.

$840 of $80,000 raised

Resource Management

Access tools and resources to support your business growth journey.

$1,179 of $50,000 raised

Community Outreach & Support

Engage with our supportive community and access additional resources for your entrepreneurial journey.

$981 of $50,000 raised