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Incubator Program

Incubation Program offers seed capital, mentoring, expert advice, networking for quick venture success.

$12,283 of $90,000 raised

Mentorship Services

Free, confidential mentoring offers guidance, support, and informed decision-making for entrepreneurs in-person or remotely.

$7,345 of $75,000 raised

Job Training & Creation

Job training equips individuals with technical skills for diverse industries, stimulating economic growth and community employment.

$6,015 of $65,000 raised

Empowerment through Partnership:
Why Reimagine iT?

Joining forces with Reimagine iT offers a unique chance to create real change while advancing your organizational goals.

Together, we address pressing issues like unemployment and digital literacy, empowering individuals to shape their careers and enrich their communities. Your association with our mission-driven initiatives enhances your brand’s visibility and reputation, demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility.  Join us in unlocking opportunities for social impact and community empowerment.

How to Partner with Us

Ready to make a difference and maximize your organization’s social impact? Partnering with Reimagine iT is easy!

Simply contact our partnership team to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, explore partnership benefits, and co-create a strategy that meets your organization’s needs.

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